LOL překvapení panenka omg panenka sestra původní hromadné DIY odpovídající příslušenství nude boty, oblečení, styl náhodné děti, dárky k narozeninám

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SKU : w540 Kategorie:Panenky A Plyšové Hračky

  • Značka: L. O. L. PŘEKVAPENÍ!
  • Pohlaví: Unisex
  • Věkové Rozmezí: > 3 roky starý
  • BJD/SD Atribut: panenka
  • Téma: Povolání
  • Formulář: 1/3
  • Materiál: Plastové
  • Funkce: Model
  • Mfg Pořadové Číslo: Módní
  • Typ: Interaktivní Panenky
  • Baterie: -
  • Rozměry: -
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • stav: In-Stock Položky
  • Číslo Modelu: -
  • Plast Typ: PVC
  • Typ Položky: Panenky
  • Varování: -

Panenky jsou dodávány náhodně, a oblečení na panenky jsou také dodávány náhodně

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  • Nat Izum  — 

    Thank you for the seller My daughter is very happy except only doll not three.

  • Cdware35  — 

    It's none of the picture.

  • The Manzan95  — 

    Very beautiful doll! Came just as I wanted, the desire turned out-I'm very happy. The head is made of hard plastic, the hair is a lot, they are collected in braids, there are infusion of lurex threads, the hair color itself is amazing, the hair glitters and shimmers. The doll is very bright and colorful, it just came to New Year's parties. Body firm MGA, doll hybrid assembled from original head LOL OMG and body like dolls Bratz. The body is good, a pleasant shade that coincides with the color of the head, the legs in the knees bend, there is a knee hinge, which is very nice, the doll can be planted. The hands are rubberized, they do not bend in the elbows, but they get divorced in the sides and rise. In general, the doll, although a hybrid, but very good and pleasant, just excellent for its price. Clothes also quality and beautiful, not the same as on the promo photo from the seller, but I liked my doll's clothes even more. Delivery is fast enough. Thank you very much for this beauty, I am happy with the purchase, the store and this product I recommend!

  • Antunes 198  — 

    God! The doll is just super! I asked the seller to send this one, with pigtails and in a pink suit necessarily. And he was so kind and kind in answering that he would take care of it and keep his word!!! She's so cute and beautiful, and no worse than the original that in the center of the second photo!!!! My baby is happy! Many thanks and recommend at 100% % %)))))

  • Tako Devidze  — 

    Doll mega recommend daughter pękną with joy! Recommend!!!!